I have customers who are happy to offer their reference all over Tarrant County. A few of my customers have written testimonial letters that I keep in a folder; others send emails to me. The following are some of the testimonials I have received for my remodeling, patio covers, decks, paint and repairs, and general handyman work. While reading through them, you will find that my customers have been quite satisfied with my work, and have repeatedly entrusted me to work on their property and in their homes. I know that security is an issue, and I always demonstrate that I'm there only to do my job as any honest and responsible contractor should be.

Happy Customers

Bob C. in Euless

Dwayne has just completed a deck for me that I am most pleased with. He made suggestions early on how he thought the best way to proceed with my deck and completed the deck perfectly. Everything he promised, he did, and even did a few exra things to improve on the original plans. If you need a new deck or repair of an old one, I am most sure that he will do a wonderful job for you.
Bob C. 972-###-#### cell 817-###-#### home

Kevin and Ferry M. on (local lake)

We contracted with Mr. Howard to rebuild our boat-house and sundeck. Dwayne had the experience we were looking for. The project was completed in the time he had stated in the contract, and we are very happy with the results. He has built things better than they were before, added some extra benches and decorative finish, and told us how to maintain it so it will last as long as we live!

T. and T.(names hidden for security) C. in Colleyville

I had known Dwayne and kept in touch with him since high-school(0ver 18 years). My husband(who is retired from the Dallas Cowboys) agreed to hire him for our backyard. Dwayne took the job very personally and worked with an architect to design our deck, covered-patio, privacy fence, and tool storage. We wanted the work to be professionally done and to have a professional return bi-annually for inspection and maintenance. The job was perfect! We entertain large parties on our deck which is 9 feet above ground, and includes the jacuzzi and cooking and serving areas.
Dwayne, thank you, we love you, best wishes for you and your family!!! we'll see you next Fall.

Repeat Customers

Kay and Ed in Fort Worth

We originally contracted with Dwayne after moving into a home that needed some work. The first job he did was just to install some bathroom vents and a door between the kitchen and garage. When we found him friendly and trustworthy, we later asked him to return for installing our bathroom mirrors, faucets, and marble counter-tops. We trusted him enough to give him free access to the home while we were at work. The following autumn, we hired Dwayne to build a storage shed in the back yard, and to turn the fence into a gate for easy access. Again, we were happy with his work. The next spring, we called Dwayne to do the following for us:
1) install new cabinets UNDER the new counter tops he had installed(he cussed about that, not because he minded, but because it would cost us more doing things in reverse order).
2) hang new doors throughout the inside of the home
3) replace door mouldings that had been dented and scratched over the 30 years since the home was built
4) replace some rotted siding
Again, we trusted him with full access to the home and everything we own, he did the job right, and calls us every so often to make sure we are still happy with his work!!!

Bob W. in Keller

I called Dwayne after seeing his ad. I asked him to come out and give me an estimate to install new decking over my old deck. He advised me not to install new decking over old joists, but I told him that was what I wanted, and that whatever he built would be here longer than I would, so he reluctantly did it! Dwayne and his helper had full access to all 3 of my work-shops, my Santa Fe caboose, thousands of dollars worth of automotive A/C parts, several of my guns, my '57 Chevy Nomad, and my '35 Packard! He expressed admiration at my collection(especially the 2-door Nomad), and kept on working on what I had hired him for. While he was here, I asked him for an estimate to extend the eave along one side of my house to keep the rain off the sidewalk. While he was working on that, I asked him to finish out my patio with some Hemlock lumber leftover from the patio cover. He finished that in the same day I asked him. Now, I'm just waiting for him to call me and let me know he has time to complete another little project I have for this year.

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